Das Programm (in englischer Sprache)

Festival program as PDF

„Arts and Film Biennale St. Petersburg“ from 10 – 13 October 2019

Thursday, 10 October

19.00 Berthold Centre
Festival Opening:    
Exhibition opening The other view
– Exhibition opening: Worpswede – A German artists´colony
Introduction to the Biennale theme “The other view”
Prof. Jürgen Haase, Biennale / Germany
Stefan Schwenke, Mayor of the artists´colony Worpswede / Germany
Roman Krasilnikov, Berthold Centre
D->RUS (Translation)

With guests from Germany and Russia
Framed by the music band “Jambalaya Jam”

20.30  Program:
Introduction of the contmeporary artists from Germany and Russia
Small reception & exhibition tour
Presentation of the 1st artist portrait: Peter-Jörg Splettstößer
Afterwards talk with the artist
D / RUS (Translation)


Friday,11 October

15.00 Berthold Centre
Presentation of the 2nd artist portrait:              

Ingrid Steckelberg
Afterwards talk with the artist
D / RUS (Translation)

Welcome to the film event

Introduction to the film
(Sigrun Kaufmann, Director Museum at Modersohn House, artists´colony of Worpswede / Germany)

17.10 – 19.13
Film: “PAULA – My life shall be a party”
(Feature film, Germany 2016, 123 Min., original with engl. subtitles)
“An impressive woman’s portrait of the most famous artist of the Worpswede artists´colony”
“A hymn to non-conformity” VARIETY
English trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILFHnNQxn78

Film discussion with audience
RUS / D  (Translation)

Reading “King, Crimea, kozachok” with Nik Afanasjew, author
(In Russian language)
Public discussion with the author
RUS / D  (Translation)


Saturday, 12 October

15.30 – 17.50 Berthold Centre
Film screening: “Victoria“                                  
(Feature film / Thriller, Germany 2015, Length: 140 Min., original with engl. subtitles)
Awarded “Best German Feature Film” 2015, “Best director”
English trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qorWoQfoKFU
“A one shot wonder” VARIETY
“A film that will thoroughly shake German cinema.” DIE ZEIT

Get Together: German and Russian artists and cultural workers

Public discussion
“Culture as transformer of societies?“ 


Sunday, 13 October

Round trip through St. Petersburg with German guests
Visit to the Hermitage, if timewise possible

17.00 Berthold Centre
Presentation of the 3rd artist portrait:                
Tom Gefken
Afterwards talk with the artist
D / RUS (Translation)

Farewell reception with all artists, cultural workers
and representatives of both countries